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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Powerful Ways To Write Articles That Readers Will Digg - air jordan 9

One of the most popular of such networks is, without a doubt, Digg nike air max 90 .com.

Digg is a social news network where its members have the editorial power to determine the visibility of news entries submitted to its system nike dunk sb low .In a marketing standpoint, it will be sufficient to know that Digg can generate an additional 20,000 to 400,000 visitors to your website if you will play your cards right.

Studying Statistics: The First Step To VictoryIf you want your article dugg, you will want to write for readers who actually use Digg nike mercurial vapor. But who are these readers Alas, that is the question that should be answered before we commence with the writing process.

After all, knowing who our readers are is very important in knowing how to please them air jordan 9.Digg is visited by millions of internet users per day.

94% of them are males. 88% of them are between the ages of 18 and 39. 64% of them boast of an annual household income of $75,000 and above. 59% of them are connected, in one way or another, to the IT industry. 39% of them are bloggers. 26% of them hold managerial positions, or higher.What do these stats tell usDigg users are predominantly males. They like video games, contact sports, action movies, intriguing television series, and similar subjects that appeal to their sense of adventure as well as their need for social and cultural enrichment.Digg users are predominantly members of the workforce. Most of them are in the scene, on the lookout for romance. Most of them are tech-savvy. Most of them are interested with everything that is new under the categories that catch their fancies, like gadgets, books, movies and the likes. Most of them desire information on topics that are hip, topics that represent certain lifestyles they are interested with.Most Digg users have the means to spend for the things they want.Most Digg users are on the lookout for cutting edge information and hot news that they can talk about in their own blogs.Most Digg users are well-oriented with the internet. They know how to verify information conveyed in the World Wide Web.Converting Statistics Into Action StepsSo, how do we transform those numbers into strategies that will energize our marketing campaignsBased on the statistics we have discussed earlier, we can deduce the elements that the average Digg user looks for in the articles he will peruse. These criterions are expressed in the questions enumerated below:1. Does the article express something new It may be new information about a particular topic, or new and compelling opinion on a particular issue that is relevant to this day and age.2. Does the article possess some viral components Does the article scream share me, share me Digg is primarily a social community that shares news items amongst its members. Your article should have something that is worth sharing.3. Is the article hip Seldom do pieces that convey information in an academic manner reach the first page of Digg. Digg users want something they can relate to, something thats more attuned to the current generation. You cant discuss the inner workings of a car using technical engineering terms and expect some diggs, but you can discuss how to pimp ones ride using cost-efficient materials that can easily be procured. Often, its about the language used. Speak something that they will understand and they will digg your entry wholeheartedly.4. Does the article share something that the readers really want to know If your niche is about bull semen, you cant simply write an article talking about what it is and what are its benefits. Whod want to read about that, right Instead, you can write a news item about the truth behind the rumors regarding popular energy drinks being made of bull semen. Now thats something that will alarm readers into actually reading, and eventually digging, your piece.5. Does the article elicit certain emotions from the readers Is the article funny, for example Does it make the readers cringe in fear Does it make them mad Does it give them peace of mind Digging an article is an active response. It is an action. The readers must be moved to act, and this is best accomplished by stirring up their emotions.Content Fodders Are Out, Readable Entries Are InWriting articles that are meant to be dugg is very much different from writing simple web content. Whereas the latter is all about supplying keyword fodder for the search engines, the former is about crafting pieces that people will actually want to read and eventually want to share with their family and peers.A complete overhaul of the conventional content writing mindset is in order.

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