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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Streamline Your Processes With Recruitment Outsourcing - nike dunks low,

"The partner also needed proven technology that we could implement "out of the box" simple, effective processes, and to be able to cast a wide sourcing net lebron basketball shoes . Moreover, my previous experience also taught me that it was essential to have a comfortable relationship and high level of trust with the vendor's people because a successful relationship requires the vendor to function as an extension of our internal team.

"Currently, the company employs approximately 600 employees in two locations lebron 10 shoes. Like many biotech firms, hiring needs fluctuate at Regeneron.

In some years, hiring volume is heavy. At other times, very little hiring may occur air jordan 11 retro. Regeneron and Kenexa have developed a flexible staffing model that provides the recruiting resources required at the time: quickly scaling up or down when hiring volumes change.

Grossman notes that since they've partnered with Kenexa, about 150 hires have been added to the company nike mercurial vapor. Now, except for a few specialized positions, all direct recruiting for the company is handled by Kenexa and is overseen by Regeneron's Director of Recruiting.

In addition to having a Kenexa staffing specialist onsite to provide support, Regeneron has the advantage of additional resources such as Kenexa's back office direct sourcing team housed at Kenexa's offices in Wayne, PA and Hyderabad, India. More than 50 percent of filled positions were sourced through Kenexa's India office illustrating the company's ability to cast a wide net for sourcing talent."Nearly every job we fill now is with a candidate sourced by Kenexa rather than an outside agency," said Grossman. "The model as we envisioned it is working."Grossman appreciates that Kenexa has the ability to manage portions of the employment process or the entire staffing operation and that they offer more flexibility than internally managed resources through programs, services and best-in-class software solutions that increase speed of hiring, improve quality and reduce costs.Other benefits resulting from the partnership include a reduction in costs as well as time to fill. Although some hiring managers initially bridled at a change in process, early successes and Kenexa's ability to rapidly fill critical positions helped build credibility and positive word of mouth. Through the solution, HR is now more capable of meeting most managers' needs. By filling most jobs more quickly, Regeneron's hiring managers can return to focusing on drug discovery or clinical development, not on interviewing and recruiting candidates."As a result of the partnership, we absolutely have experienced overall process improvement," said Grossman. "We are more effective day-to-day and we now know that we have the capacity to handle growth down the road."Having technology in place has also resulted in better data collection and the opportunity for stronger analytics.

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